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2 positions available for Internship Training

CORN ACRE FARMS is a unique 1000 acre family farm consisting of market gardening, cash cropping, wood lot management and cattle pasture. We practice both chemical free and conventional farming on varying soil conditions including high sandy land and low land.

The Intern will receive a diverse farming experience with the majority of the focus being on the busy market garden aspect of the farm. They will have the opportunity to observe crops such as sweet corn, string beans and some varieties of potatoes being harvested mechanically. Hands on tasks will include seeding, planting, weeding, sorting and preparing vegetables for distribution through Wendy’s Mobile Market, for restaurant supply, for wholesale and individual market locations. Interns will participate at the Farmers’ Markets and the farm stand in a salesperson role. With over 45 years of marketing experience we have a great deal of knowledge to offer those eager to learn.

Our 3 grown children each have businesses that have connections to the family farm and agree that their farming experiences helped shape their futures as successful entrepreneurs. We look forward to helping other self motivated individuals who are interested in a diversified farm experience and welcome anyone with a willingness to work hard.

A fair stipend will be paid based on effort and accomplishment.

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