Our Own Beef

Perfect for the BBQ

Grass Fed, Pastured Beef 

supplemented seasonally 

with grain grown and milled 

right here on our own farm. 


Beef Price List Spring 2013

Available for Pick up at our Farm 
e-mail us for more details. 
Also available through Wendy's Mobile Market and at Wendy's Country Market

Lean Ground Beef $5.00/lb

Stew Meat $6.00/lb

Liver $6.00/lb

Round Steak Roast $6.00/lb

Blade Roast $6.00/lb

Cross Rib Roast $6.00/lb

Rump Roast $7.00/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast $9.00/lb

Blade Steak/Wing Steak $9.00/lb

Prime Rib Roast $10.00/lb

Rib Steak $12.00/lb

T-Bone Steak $12.00/lb

Sirloin Steak $12.00/lb

Striploin Steak $13.00/lb

Tenderloin $16.00/lb


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