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We are proud to say that we only sell what we grow sustainably on our own farms. Our large land base allows us to grow both conventional and chemical free produce. Some of our planting and harvesting is mechanized which enables us to supply larger quantities of produce picked fresh daily. 

Super Sweet Corn & Sugar Enhanced

Helpful Sweet Corn Info.

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In-Season Vegetables

Helpful In-Season Vegetable Chart

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Endless Rows of Onions

Our green bunching onions, carrots and beets like many of our vegetables are all planted in beautiful black earth untouched by chemicals. 

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Potatoes of All Kinds

Helpful Vegetable Storage Tips

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Fall Squash

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Tomato Varieties

We start all of our tomatoes in our own greenhouse prior to transplanting in the fields. 

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Squash Varieties and Uses

Now available to purchase on our farm at
Wendy's Country Market - #408 Fortune Line Rd. Lyndhurst 
7 Days A Week (Mon. to Sat. 10 am - 6 pm and Sun. 10 am - 5 pm).

Also on Brockville Farmers' Market, every Saturday from 8 am to 1 pm

and at our Gananoque Stand at 249 King St. East (Thurs. to Sun. 10 am to sold out). 

If you would like to order our items online available for pick up at Wendy's Country Market

you can do so by clicking the order button below. 


Spice up your salad. 

White, Pink & Purple

Prince Salad Turnips

Great raw in a salad or cooked. Nice mild turnip flavour.


Cooked or raw, broccoli provides lots of nutrients. Perfect for a Broccoli Salad. 

Green or Red Onions

Chop and add to your favourite salad, burger, or sandwich.  


Eat raw in a cole slaw or cooked with some butter. 


Perfect for cole slaw or cabbage rolls.

Fresh In-Season Vegetables

Super Sweet Corn

Boil, BBQ, or off the cob. 

Field Tomatoes

Variety includes Beefsteak, Cherry and Compari 

Green & Yellow Beans


Perfect for roasting, boiling or pickling. 

Sweet Peppers

Variety of peppers available.  


For slicing or pickling.


Variety of types.